Our practice combines advanced forecasting techniques with medical and actuarial research at the international forefront.

Actuarial Network Use of Bases on International Salubrity

Actuarial Network Use of Bases on International Salubrity (ANUBIS) is a medical-actuarial research project based on the study and parameterisation of all available international research on longevity and evolutionary models of the state of health and frailty of people in the last stages of life.

RunEds Solutions

We have developed the RunEds predictive environment by adapting an innovative technique used in other disciplines

Based on clustering algorithms

Selection of variables in a stratified way rather than “all against all”

Non-parametric technique without hypothesis

Use of machine learning algorithms

Bayesian optimisation techniques

Optimisation of limited information

Through RuneEds we analyse all available variables to identify the 3-4 with the most predictive value that define each cluster

Unlike other models (e.g. GLM), RunEds is able to «introduce » new variables only in clusters where it makes sense to do so. This reduces the amount of information needed to carry out a given action (e.g. underwriting insurance) and increases the explainability of risk in each cluster. Request a Demo.


Characterisation of genetic sequences for medical research, evolutionary research, etc.


Programming of machines for object detection and recognition.


Prospecting and estimation of existence of oil and mineral reserves.

APM Insurance

«Fine» risk profile estimation and identification of profitable niches.


Identification of weather patterns and anticipation of phenomena such as hurricanes.

fundación colisee
fundación colisee

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ANUBIS Analytics offers tailor-made and fully scalable collaborative environments in the insurance sector and companies linked to the Silver Economy for data-driven decision making and prediction.